Sunday, February 17, 2008

letting go

how wealthy can you be if
you are afraid to let go of your wealth ?

how successful can you be if
you are constantly nagged
by the fear of faliure?

how loved can you feel if
you constantly seek
reassurance that you are?

what can love mean if
you are afraid to set
the beloved free?

how beautiful can you be if
you walk down the street
and feel reassured by
admiring glances from strangers?

what self worth do you have if
you seek it in other's eyes?

what can abundance mean if
you desire more?

how can you have anything
unless you are willing to
let it go ?

how can you live
any moment
without knowing
that it is already ceased to be?

-the girl.


Mandar Gadre said...

A nice one. Liked it :-)

How right can you be if,
you are afraid of being wrong?

the girl said...

thanks! and i liked that one! :)

SaIk said...

very reflective :) ... loved it !

the girl said...

thanks saik! :)

the happy prince said...

Quite close to my heart. realised something similar a few days back. one more private question though. who is mr. the boy?

the girl said...

not allowed to ask! :)
privacy infringement! :P