Friday, October 31, 2008


Into your tender arms, I wanna go to sleep,
Into the slumber long and deep,

I want U to be happy, I want you to be free,
even if it means staying away from me,

Who says it cant get any worse than this,
If it gets fulfilled it's someone else's wish,

I am running out of time and I am running out of life,
And I am getting used to living on the edge of the knife,

When you don't wanna cry ur eyes become watery,
When you don't need money, you go and win a lottery,

This is what I hate about this system of society,
When you have only a rose, what they need is variety!

-the girl.


Holy Ash said...
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Holy Ash said...

If ud ended at the edge of the knife i would have flicked it as my poem!;)..jokes apart, those r jst the thoughts that r runnin thru my head n heart right nw...