Saturday, November 10, 2007

Misery of the Mind

A timeless gaze,
An eternity of darkness,
Moans of pain and anguish,
Sleepless nights of torment.
What if you realise the loss of your cause?
Your very proof of existence ?

All that is left is a long wait ......
Each moment preparing you for the end - uncertain
of which moment it will be.
Suddenly ...
Each breath becomes precious,
Each smile is filled with tears,
Palms join to pray,
Arms open to embrace,
Every experience is an engraved memory.

Ego crumbles to humility
And worship becomes religion.
Strings of hope grasp 'his' hand ..
Yearning for nothing but a miracle.
The heart weeps only for more time
...... one more moment
...... one more breath
...... one more touch.

Is this what fear of death can do ?
Or is this what we let it do ?

-the girl.

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